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It's apparently Male Pulchritude Day here at Defamer, and we could hardly let such a momentous holiday pass without a tip of the hat to erstwhile Monkee Davy Jones. It seems that when one shirt closes, another one opens, for the stunning new refusal of Mario Lopez to go barechested has been shown up by Jones's surprising willingness to air out his rack in concert. The Daily Mail has all the age-inappropriate details (in an article helpfully titled, "Hey, Hey I've Got Man Boobs!"):

His audience got more then they bargained for when The Monkees star undid his shirt on stage to reveal an impressive pair of man boobs. The 62-year-old was performing at The Ultimate Idols concert in New York's Staten Island when he decided to bare his suspiciously taunt [sic] chest.

While we've always favored Mickey Dolenz (what can we say, we're boyband historians), we still applaud Jones for showing the world that he's still got...well, if not "it," then at least "something." Mario Lopez, take note: even an old-timer isn't afraid to show off the bronzed goods every once in a while — and we have a feeling that top shelf is 100% natural. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]