Oh, look. Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester was on Entourage last night, recurring her first season role as a virginal (sorta) singer and love interest for Vinnie Chase. We're not sure this exactly counts as a cameo, considering this was already an established role and Leighton Meester isn't exactly a cameo-worthy household name yet. But there were three other big cameos on last night's episode. And that, maybe, is three cameos too many. I mean, yes, one of the major conceits of Entourage is that it is an inside look at Hollywood, which is full, duh, of celebrities. But it's begun to feel like a desperate stunt to mask the show's flailing quality level. Trotting out Tony Bennett, Giovanni Ribisi, and series exec-producer Mark Wahlberg in one episode? Too much distraction from an already cobbled-together plot. Especially that Wahlberg bit, which was self-deprecating in a kind of depressing way. A show like Gossip Girl has placed its handful of cameos more sparingly. The Jay McInerney and Tinsley Mortimer bits were wry winks to its New York audience base. Entourage's used to be the same way—an occasional "look who's willing to make fun of themselves" or "look how silly LA is" kind of thing. Lately though they come off as slathering over-showmanship. Kind of like Ari's swearing and Turtle's horniness and Drama's now-cartoonish buffoonery, come to think of it.