LinkedIn's jobs page gives off the impression that life at the business-networking website is one nonstop Rock Band jam session. But a clearly disgruntled, entertainingly foulmouthed tipster says that backbiting is the real office entertainment of choice. The company's operations department is "like a fucking morgue" after a "housecleaning," he says. Lloyd Taylor, the company's vice president of technical operations, a splashy hire from Google last year, seems to have generated more than his fair share of complaints. In company meetings, CEO Dan Nye and founder Reid Hoffman describe the ruckus as "culture changes." Embarrassingly for a company which says it helps employers vet job candidates and is trying to break into the recruiting business, these problems sound less like culture clashes and more like plain old bad hires. The tip:

What the fuck is going on over at LinkedIn again? They've lost 2 more directors in the past 30 days, for what looks like STUPID reasons. Simple crap like reprimanding employees for fucking things up. They lost their Director of Operations a few days ago, their Director of IT a couple of weeks back and Director of Business Operations. I've got it on good authority that there were some other housecleaning items done in the past few weeks as well within their Operations team. It's like a fucking morgue. Word is that the employees are taking the upper hand with complaints against management, and that upper management is all too happy to get rid of people just before they hit their 1-year stock vesting. Don't get on the shit list of upper management or your time will come. One guy in particular keeps coming up with people I talk with — Lloyd Taylor. he's the guy who came over from Google. And the door couldn't have hit him in the ass fast enough, and now that he's being told to go back and "play nicely" with the Google team, he's finding that he has no friends over there. They won't even deal with him any more. It sure looks like his frustration is being taken out on his management team. I was present during a recent all-hands meeting where Dan and Reid made repeated references to "culture" and "culture changes", speaking as if they know they're changing in the wrong way. But this isn't the way to deal with it. I hold so little hope for them any more. Just fucking sell to someone and get this over with already.