Miley Cyrus Will Leave The Stripping to Her New Underwear Model BoytoyTween queen Miley Cyrus has a complicated relationship with her clothes: sometimes she's lured out of them by unscrupulous Vanity Fair photographers, and sometimes she simply wants to eat the American Eagle t-shirt off her chest like any other 15-year-old girl. This rampant teen licentiousness has caused cultural stewards the world over to clutch their pearls, and now it seems that a defiant Cyrus has added a like-minded clothes-eschewer to her coterie: 20-year-old singing underwear model Justin Gaston, with whom she was just snapped at church. Is he Miley's latest attempt to pander to the gays, or is this budding, bulging love? More pictures, video, and analysis, after the jump:Just Jared has the bare facts backstory:

Earlier today, Miley Cyrus was seen attending Saturday morning church service with buff-bodied Nashville Star hottie Justin Gaston, who’s also an underwear model. The 15-year-old Disney sensation and the 20-year-old hunk were accompanied by Miley’s family. Justin is originally from Louisiana and left home at age 17 to pursue a career in music, while supporting himself as a model.
Miley Cyrus Will Leave The Stripping to Her New Underwear Model Boytoy Oweing less to acclaimed photographer Annie Liebovitz and more to, the pictures still show off some of Gaston's best assets — something, alas, we cannot say about this shaky version of "Hey There Delilah" from his stint on Nashville Star:

Voted off the country competition after only his third song, at least Gaston has landed on his most-assuredly bare feet. Good luck with Hannah Montana, Josh — and thanks for your sterling contribution to Defamer's Male Pulchritude Day! [Photo Credit:]