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It turns out that the Silver Hill rehab facility in New Canaan, Connecticut is ideally located for its new glut of customers: local residents whose Wall Street careers flourished due to personal qualities—being risk-prone and adrenalin-seeking with a deluded sense of invincibility and a work hard/play hard attitude—that have led them down the path of drug addiction and alcoholism now that times are hellishly stressful.

And no wonder. Prepare yourself to be shocked, but it turns out financial firms just aren't prioritizing their employees' psychological well-being.

"There's not a lot of sensitivity training or meetings where you sit around and ask how everyone is feeling," says one exec who recently went to rehab for alcoholism. "No one walks around saying 'I feel your pain.'" No one? Imagine that! Perhaps all these fresh-out-of-treatment guys can import some touchy-feely vibes and non-judgmental group therapy sessions onto the trading floor, and a reverse-testosterone revolution can take place.

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