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Thank you, Julia Allison! The Internet's best self-promoter has uncovered evidence that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is still girlfriended by Andrea Weckerle, a social-media PR rep he turned to after the messy breakup of his affair with maple-leaf-waving right-wing punditrix Rachel Marsden. We'd heard they'd call things off, but they seem very much the couple here. Allison generously offered not to post the photo, to spare the couple the "recent ... um ... media attention they've endured." Instead, they jumped at the chance for more publicity. We're delighted to hear Wales is not wanting for female companionship, but Weckerle should watch her back around Allison.Wales has edited Julia Allison's Wikipedia entry — and we all know what that can lead to. Can you add to the sum of all human knowledge with a clever, yet printable, caption? If so, leave it in the comments. The best one will become the post's new headline. Friday's winner: theodp for the "$100 million flipper." (Photo via NonSociety)