SeamlessWeb, the high-class of the new millennium (this means they deliver you meals from local restaurants, while you are at work, if you are too lazy to call a restaurant) (oh hah one of the founders of went back to Lehmann Brothers when that site shuttered), might be in a spot of trouble! You see, the financial sector is melting down and thousands of Wall Street people are going to get laid off. Those Wall Street people and their Wall Street firms make up a large part of SeamlessWeb's client base! (Not out fault you guys list like two restaurants in Brooklyn, losers.) But don't worry, SeamlessWeb employees! The CEO sent out an email this morning promising that even though all their corporate clients are facing upheaval and chaos, SeamlessWeb will continue to deliver sushi: "Regardless of whether people are at work or away from work, they need to eat. And, SeamlessWeb provides a highly efficient and cost-effective way for them to order food from local restaurants for both takeout and delivery." Poor dopes. (Of course, SeamlessWeb is owned by food service giant Aramark—so they may ride out this hiccup yet.) Click to read the sad email.