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Chadrick, Chadrick, Chadrick. Most of all, we loved saying his name. Chadrick Baker, the virtual-worlds enthusiast Valleywag plucked from obscurity to be our mascot, has been fired from his day job. We think. He should have known better than to bite the digitally furry hand that feeds him. After Chadwick called a competitor — we're not sure, we don't follow the fancy 3D game worlds he runs in — a "hack" in a barely read interview, his CEO, Peter Haik, had to step in and disown Baker's comments. After Haik emailed the company Baker dissed and said he couldn't be sorry enough for what had been said, we hear he took all his apologies one step further and let Baker go.Not that anyone at Baker's maybe-former employer Metaversatility will confirm that. I wondered why they even bothered to let me get past the GrandCentral answering service prompts if the fellow who picked up was going to flatly answer "No comment" to every question I asked. Why not just have a bot handle the media calls? Especially after this last round of press. Not that it matters: Baker's own LinkedIn profile shows he's no longer employed by the incomprehensible company he couldn't resist pitching us. Not to rub it in, Chadrick, but we've got some more bad news for you. Your Valleywag mascot duties? You've just not been up to snuff for ages. We were hoping for Scoble-level pageviews from you. While we are still in search for a successor, we've relieved you of your post immediately. Readers, your nominations are welcome in the comments.