Though Roger Ebert would rather his thwacking at the hands of Lou Lumenick be forgotten , it seems that New York Post readers aren't as quick to forgive. Lumenick's last Toronto Film Festival update neglects to mention the incident (instead focusing on an Anne Hathaway/Keira Knightley Oscar showdown), but every single commenter rips into him anyway, blaming the critic for pummeling a national treasure. "So let me guess: on your next trip you're going to run over Stephen Hawkins and maybe punch Stevie Wonder, right?!" asks one (another suggests he train his pugilism on cancer-stricken children), while the comments on Lumenick's review of The Women personally mock the writer, with one person posting, "Here's to hoping your reviews are boycotted, you are deservedly let go, and you spend the remainder of your years at the grill of a second-rate fast food restaurant." Punchy! [NY Post ]