Yes really, Us Weekly reports. News of a $30,000 piece of (arguably) nonessential equipment being installed on the premises of a taxpayer-funded residence might appear to pose problems for her running mate John McCain's presidential campaign in light of his long-fought crusades against wasteful government spending and also skin cancer, but she paid for it with her own money she made charging taxpayers for all those nights she stayed in her own house back in Wasilla. If she is any kind of decent "executive" she charged Bristol and Willow per 10-15 minute sessions to use it too. I love Sarah Palin. Although I sincerely hope she did not abuse her power as governor to get a better deal from that gym from which she bought it.One guy who is either really pissed right now or enjoying it more than even us: Florida Governor Charlie Crist. He was in the running for veep for awhile, but his signature Donatellan permatan actually seemed to take a meaningful toll on his chances. And he is from fucking Florida. [Us Weekly]