· We're not going to lie: Seeing The Soup run our footage of Brooke Hogan drawing a blank on the name "Sarah Palin" on the VMAs red carpet was a real thrill. Enhancing that thrill was knowing E! was temporarily held hostage by our shaky Nikon Coolpix camera work and audio that sounded like it was piped in via two baked bean tins strung together with twine. [The Soup] · After Ellen and Portia's wedding video melted all our troubles away, we were ready for another slice of gay wedding cake. Beam us up a piece, Scottie! [Daily Mail] · Here's a shot of Ben Affleck from the set of Mike Judge's flower-extract-factory comedy (hey—we just work here) Extract, looking as though you could wring a few powerful drops of Jesus Extract from his hair. [Just Jared] · Canadians got the Zack and Miri Enjoy the Pleasures of Reciprocal Oral Sex poster, while all we get is a couple stick figures. They don't even have stick genitalia! [/Film] · Ben Silverman admitted to reporters at the New York Television Festival that the head of HR at his network refers to him as "the Paris Hilton of NBC." He then pulled out a recorder, and spoke: "Memo to self: Ben Silverman's My New BFF. Needs a sidekick and catchphrase. Have assistant see if Jessica Simpson and 'So much much' are available." [broadcastingandcable.com]