Remember Chucky Taylor, the young American who his who helped his dictator Dad Charles Taylor brutally terrorize Liberia? (His moved to live with his father there from Orlando, and that's when the trouble began.) He now has the distinction of being the first American to be tried for torture abroad. He is a bad guy. But he's also been sending his newly-recorded rap track around and, well, we have it. Click to listen (it's actually kind of good?) and for a preview of his upcoming Rolling Stone profile.

"It was July 2002, and civil war had been rampaging through Liberia for 13 years, transforming one of Africa's oldest democracies into a ghoulish landscape. Drugged-out militias manned checkpoints decorated with human intestines and severed heads. Small children were forced into battle by the thousands. Women were raped and turned into sex slaves known as "bush wives." Enemies were disemboweled, cooked and cannibalized. All told, human rights groups estimate, more than 600,000 Liberians were murdered, raped, maimed or mutilated in the conflict. In the midst of this reign of terror, Chucky was among the most feared men in the country. Only 25, he created and commanded the Anti-Terrorist Unit, the president's personal security force — a source of such pride that Chucky had the group's emblem, a crest of a hissing cobra and a scorpion, tattooed on his chest... Only a decade earlier, Chucky had been an American teenager growing up in a modest, two-story brick house with his mother and stepfather in a parched subdivision of Orlando, a short drive from Disney World."

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