MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge show, and its enduring popularity, is one of television's most damning indictments of American youth. For that reason I watch every week, disgusted—like eating a whole bag of Fritos and bitterly regretting it—while these drunken, bloated ex-Real World and Road Rules cast members booze and sloppily fuck and compete greedily for sweet, sweet cash. The whole thing is a complete mess. Literally! The cast and crew of the most recent iteration The Island, airing now (sigh), reportedly left behind tons of trash for the Panamanian locals to clean up:

The area was tight with security that kept curious onlookers out during production. But once MTV left, Maher and a student surveyed the area. "The place looked like a trash dump," Maher said, with evidence of felled trees, wooden structures, and pages of scripts (revealing that the reality show is actually, well, scripted).

Hah! Scripts! Oh I wish they'd kept some of the pages and maybe scanned them and sent them to us. If you still have them, anyone out there, please send them to us. MTV, for what it's worth, denies the mess:

A spokeswoman from Bunim/Murray — the production company of the Real World and Road Rules shows for MTV — said that no trees were cut down for the filming of The Island, and that the pictures were taken before crews had a chance to clean up the area.

Seriously guys, jeez. Give them a minute, man. They'd just finished dragging the sweaty corpses of BrieChanta and Dustin into their shallow, sandy graves—after they'd gurgled softly following that last rum shot, crossed their eyes, and collapsed. That takes time, brah! [Portfolio] Photos of the mess are here. If you're curious, an episode of the show lies below. Click to view