You Might Be A Redneck If...Your Animated Fox Series Is About NASCAR · Fox bought Jeff Foxworthy's animated pilot pitch about "a dysfunctional family set in the world of NASCAR." Since it comes from Foxworthy, we'll assume that unlike King of the Hill , this show is meant to be embraced by those it depicts. [Variety ] · Ben Affleck will write, direct and star in the sexily titled The Town , in which he'll play a thief who falls in love with a bank manager. [Variety ] · Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts and Rob Corddry will star in The Winning Season , about a high school girls' basketball team. Yeah, we'd see that. [THR ] · Football season means ESPN scores! Terminator isn't faring as well for Fox, however, despite the best efforts of Shirley Manson as its American Standard-issue flushable killing machine . [Variety ] · Wall Street's pants-crapping directly affected entertainment media stocks, with the THR Showbiz 50 hitting its lowest point in a year. [THR ]