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You know what's just infuriating? When you spend thousands of dollars on having big plastic domes inserted into your chest, and then men have the gall to notice them! "You can be at a club," marvels enhanced-to-a-C-cup Annabell Newell, "and a guy you've never met before will come up to you, stare at your chest and blatantly ask, 'When did you get them?' No 'Hi, nice to meet you.'" Outrageous! But in our brave new world of preponderant cosmetic enhancement, how does one inquire about the originality of someone's body parts without committing a faux pas?

Etiquette expert Mary Mitchell to the rescue: "You have to really examine why you're asking," she says. "If you're asking because you've got some morbid curiosity, because you have some prejudgment, that's pretty rude." But are there circumstances in which it's acceptable to ask, for instance, if an acquaintance's luscious lips are the ones they were born with? Thankfully yes: "If you're asking because it's something you're considering and you have the kind of relationship where it wouldn't be terribly uncomfortable, that's fair enough." Duly noted! Although sometimes, a quick glance in someone's direction tells you all you need to know.

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