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Being the daughter of a fashion titan like Carine Roitfeld obviously comes with certain perks, little things like automatic entrée into the highest echelon of New York society and lucrative modeling contracts for a string of ad campaigns. But as Julia Restoin Roitfeld reveals, with the privileges come certain responsibilities, like making sure Carine doesn't catch her letting herself down, letting the family down, and letting the industry down—by wearing flat shoes! "My mum told me always to wear heels. If I'm not wearing heels, she says, 'What? You're in flats?' So whenever I see her, I make sure I have heels with me."

Yup, anyone who thought that the French Vogue editor might be a soft touch compared to the notoriously tyrannical Anna Wintour will have to think again. Julia, who was just named art director of Pop magazine, describes both her parents as "very pushy," and recalls that when she was in her teens her mother "would force me to do internships at different magazines in the holidays."

Oh good: In that case, Julia is amply equipped to teach Pop's new editor Dasha Zhukova and her BFF, creative director Olympia Scarry, how to make a magazine! Everyone can relax now.

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