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The fiercest supporters of a ballot measure to keep the cops off San Francisco prostitutes' backs are Internet-based escorts. In a Los Angeles Times interview, online sex worker Patricia West is described like any other Web-savvy entrepreneur, with an obvious law-challenging twist.

At age 22, Patricia West already has her small-business model fully launched. She's done her market research, knows how to advertise online and has a competitive rate structure. There's just one problem: She works in the world's oldest profession, which is illegal.

Sure, it's way more boring to frame escorting just like any other work-from-home freelance gig, but it's increasingly the case. It's a great strategy, PR-wise. Everyone gets worked up over the idea of sassy streetwalkers arguing over who owns which corner. But really, how could San Francisco voters get seriously up in arms over prostitutes clocking overtime hunched over their laptops at Ritual Roasters, answering email? (Photo by St. James Infirmary)