Inside the mind of Sarah Palin's 4chan tormentors While loofah-licious Fox News blowhard Bill O'Reilly is busy tearing what little hair he has left out over "slimy, scummy" blogs , everyone has been focused on the content (or lack there of) in the screenshots purported to be from a Yahoo email account used by Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin . But what about the clues to the methods and motivation behind the swarm of Internet users from 4chan's /b/ forum left in the screenshots? In this image, someone claiming membership in the lovable griefer army known as Anonymous emails Palin's friend Ivy Frye to let her know that the email account has been hacked. And it came complete with every browser tab and application running on the desktop. Let me take you on a journey deep inside the mind of an unknown operative who's changing the rules of politics — if not for the better, then certainly for the funnier.Inside the mind of Sarah Palin's 4chan tormentors