Click to viewSomeone should make a Bingo card for startup office videos. Slate's tour of Xobni in downtown San Francisco would cover most of the squares:

  • Dog
  • Disco ball
  • Pirate flag
  • Exercise spheres
  • Free eat-in lunch
  • Costco snacks and drinks
  • Ikea desks and Aeron chairs
  • Founder who says "cool" nine times in three minutes
  • Conspicuous daytime drinking

This clip is the first in a series, called Cubez, that attempts to make programmers' offices seem as hip and interesting as rappers' mansions. I hope they find a more outlandish workplace for the next episode. For now here's the news: Our cushy, free-snack workplaces may be boring and nearly identical to us, but they're still the envy of people who work at banks.