Part of getting in shape for our epic Emmy liveblog this Sunday involves gritting it out through even the toughest conditioning regimens. Today is our equivalent of the Alps stage of the Tour De France: Like the shameless cultural terrorist he is, halfwit Gold Derby gadfly Tom O'Neil videotaped his recent ambush of Real Time host Bill Maher, a 20-time Emmy loser who stands to notch No. 21 this weekend when he faces The Daily Show in the Variety category. (O'Neil notes 19 in the video, but Maher added another at last weekend's Creative Arts ceremony.) Observe after the jump how gracefully Maher handles his inquisitor's googly-eyed ineptitude before finally indulging a variation on the ageless "Who wants one of those ugly-ass trophies anyway" defense. Clearly he has bigger prizes in mind; we'll witness history Sunday either way. Join us! [Gold Derby]