Breaking new media crush alert! The Financial Times columnist Francesco Guerrera went on CNBC this morning for a segment on how the financial crisis is so bad even newspapers read by stupid poor people are writing about it. Ooooh look it's on the cover of a Spanish paper and everyone knows Spanish speakers never met a dollar they didn't need to envia back to nineteen impoverished half-hermanos back in Santo Domingo! This, CNBC believes, is a signal for the superior intellects viewing CNBC to stop panic-selling all those stocks RIGHT NOW. Well, Francesco does not buy this logic.* Even when total idiot tool Dennis Kneale presents him with this turd of wisdom: "Come on, Francesco, you're young! You can make it back!" You know what? I'm not even going to get started on that. We'll have plenty of time to vilify him and his whole awful fact-resistant generation of denial dogmatists while we continuing not investing our nonexistent savings in the market.

*Because it is sort of overpowered by the logic of "CNBC cannot tell everyone to put their money in Yen because the Bank Of Japan is not going to buy all their advertising slots duh." Actually, if they did tell their viewers to put all their money in Yen the Bank Of Japan might pay them just to stop, but that is a whole nother story.