Uh-oh. Here's a letter we received from a college student: "I just wanted to let you all know that I am learning about [Collegehumor founder/webtard/Julia Allison ex] Jakob Lodwick in an actual university course, the Sociology of Deviance and Social Control. No joke... Lodwick is in the Emily Nussbaum New York mag article 'Say Anything Kids,' which is about putting one's private life on the internet, and how the young people clearly are too optimistic to see what the pitfalls are. She says that Lodwick's Vimeo is a 'hipster Youtube,' and we had a discussion about the people in the article and how they were clearly extremes of what we 'normal' college students are doing." This class sounds awesome! Let's check out the syllabus:"While the discussion was pretty interesting," our student spy continued, "it was pretty crazy/meta to be talking about someone whose private life I clearly have been following on a website devoted to this new kind of 'surveillance.'" I'll say. From the partial reading list below, it looks like we've come full circle: from Foucault to Lodwick. The kids are so screwed.

SC 030 Deviance and Social Control (Fall/Spring: 3) This course explores the social construction of boundaries between the "normal" and the so-called "deviant." It examines the struggle between powerful forms of social control and what these exclude, silence, or marginalize. Of particular concern is the relationship between dominant forms of religious, legal, and medical social control and gendered, racialized and global economic structures of power. The course provides an in-depth historical analysis of theoretical perspectives used to explain, study and control deviance, as well as ethical-political inquiry into such matters as religious excess, crime, madness, corporate and governmental wrong-doing, and sexual subcultures that resist dominant social norms.