You guys. Remember when Lauren and Audrina totally made up and everything was awesome again? Well now the two stars of MTV's reality dream play The Hills may be on the outs again. Us Weekly breathlessly reports that Audrina, who had been living in a small hermitage on the back acres of Lauren's estate, is moving out. Vans and boxes were seen on Thursday, along with Lo—bitchy mainhouse roommate of Lauren and enemy of Audrina—who was doing cartwheels and making threatening throat cutty gestures to passing children on the front lawn. Where Audrina will go, there's just no way of telling (until the photographers and everybody finds her again). Maybe she'll end up at that big-windowed downtown loft that she looked at last season. That way Audrina could imagine herself in some dystopian future world, where she is the brave heroine, not some blonde floozy. I picture her standing looking out the windows at the glittery lights of downtown LA, finally happy, the muddled cricket hum of Beverly Hills just a dream of landscape she had one night.