Yahoo TechTicker talking head and BusinessWeek Sarah Lacy is planning "a very ambitious project" for her next book, she told Ben Haber. Lacy's contract with Yahoo expires in November 2009 and she told Haber she might take a year off after that to write the new book.

I really love working there and definitely plan on honoring that. After that we’ll see! But I do absolutely know what my next book will be about and I’m subtly gathering string on it, thinking about it all the time. It’s definitely not a sequel, but it’s similarly something I’m uniquely qualified to write. Mostly because I’m insane! It’s a very ambitious project.

Lacy, still sometimes going on the road to promote her first book, "Once you're lucky, Twice you're good," has expressed disappointment that it didn't go popular in the mainstream. Here's why that didn't happen: No one in the mainstream has ever heard of Digg, Twitter, Slide or Ning — some of the still shaky startups Lacy portrayed as successes that validate the Valley. The book should have covered one company — probably Facebook, which everyone's heard of — and told its story. Once you're lucky, Twice you're good," read like several long BusinessWeek features stitched together, not one story where the reader wants to know what happens next. If Lacy pulls that very ambitious trick in her next book, she won't have schedule another interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which though painfully awkward also sent "Once you're lucky, Twice you're good," up Amazon's charts overnight.