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Like a gentrified neighborhood that has just seen the arrival of its first Bed, Bath & Beyond, cable channel Bravo is on the verge of losing its most important audience — the gays — as they migrate to parts unknown. Just recently, Project Runway decided to pull up shop and move to the suburbs of Lifetime, disappointing cablemates like Top Chef and Flipping Out, who assumed Runway would always be there to party with them into the wee hours of a shirtless last call. Now, another mainstay may depart; according to Page Six, Kathy Griffin is ready to move her Emmy-winning My Life on the D-List to someplace a little higher in the alphabet:

BRAVO is about to lose another winning show to the competition. On the heels of "Project Runway's" being ripped to Lifetime, insiders are buzzing that Kathy Griffin might take her "Life on the D-List" and comedy specials to a greener pasture. "Other networks are aggressively pursuing Kathy for a multitiered deal, which would include hosting a late-night talk show, award shows, and continuing her reality show and comedy specials," a well-placed source dished. Griffin's rep had "no comment," but our tipster said to keep an eye out for Griffin's post-Emmy announcement.

While Runway's move to Lifetime was unlikely, it still made a certain amount of sense; after all, we've been told that women love fashion. For Griffin, though, it's hard to imagine a channel that's a better fit for her sensibility than Bravo, and since the station is part of the NBC/Universal umbrella, we'd think that would offer her some of the biggest possible venues for talk and award show offshoots. Is the Page Six item simply the negotiations ploy Griffin hinted she was ready for in our interview with her, or should we expect her to soon wade into the testosterone-soaked waters of Comedy Central (or — best case scenario — end up as a Food Channel sidekick to Paula Deen)? [Photo Credit: AP]