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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein addressed the Council of Institutional Investors this morning and addressed the issue of how banks pay their employees, suggesting that Wall Street "apply basic standards to how we compensate people in our industry." (It's unclear if these "standards" would apply to Blankfein personally, who earned nearly $70 million in 2007 and $43 million in 2008.) But you have to give him points for the warm welcome he gave the ladies from Code Pink, who rushed the stage during his speech with a giant sign that said "We want our $$$$$ back."

He greeted the woman closest to him with a friendly "How are you?" and shook her hand before kindly asking them to leave the stage. They complied, but when the Code Pinkers interrupted his speech a second time, they were all removed from the room. Clearly, it doesn't pay to be nice.

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