Some sketchy reports are coming rumbling down the wire that Ashley Olsen, young billionaire and entrepreneur, has fired her twin sister Mary-Kate from their clothing line The Row. That's their couture collection, which is mostly made up of repurposed Two of a Kind scripts and strips of leather cut from the boots used in How the West Was Fun. Reportedly Ashley was fed up with Mary-Kate's hard partying ways. She asked that her sister take a "step back from her current responsibilities until she has her personal life together." Harsh. Though they are distinct in many different physical ways, the twins seem to differ most in their ideology. They're very separate at work, Ashley apparently the more focused one. Mary-Kate smokes Marlboro Reds and pursues a public life—darting off often to trendy Manhattan clubs and appearing in marijuana-themed television and movies (Weeds, The Wackness). Ashley has laid more low (though, not that low... she did date Lance Armstrong) choosing to focus on their Dualstar empire. But they still talk often of the magical bond they share, so maybe it's all a lie and everything's happy and there is no row at, um, The Row. Gurgle.