Control Alt Delete, an indie flick shot in Vancouver, B.C. about a programmer working on Y2K bug fixes who develops a sexual attraction to computer hardware, has scored a distribution deal after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. Which means it'll be coming to theaters in a major market near you and eventually released on DVD. The premise isn't as unrealistic as you might think, if you remember the frenzy in the technology business in 1999.If you don't, you probably think that the Web 2.0 bubble will never burst. If you do, you were probably developing a wicked taste for single-malt scotch, cocaine and Internet porn — and have the collection agency notices from rehab-facility bills to prove it. Either way, your perception of reality is sufficiently warped that you'll find the scenario plausible enough to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy the gags. Certainly more credible than the hypnotism macguffin in Office Space.