When you're too good to just work at home This is just so busted, where do I begin? I needed somewhere to duck into downtown to work for an hour before going to Marissa Mayer's favorite hair salon . There's Wi-Fi there, but that's a bonus: not a reason to camp out. Even bloggers have boundaries. But not this guy, who actually worked from the cafe I ended up in on what looks like a laptop with a broken screen. Instead of replacing the laptop — these are lean times after all — he just brought his own external monitor.And pro headphones, and a backup keyboard, too: When you're too good to just work at home Check the duct tape. Why rough it, refreshing Facebook over and over from your own too-small "Lower Nob Hill" work-from-home studio, when you can stroke your Wacom pen in public, surrounded by others just like you? And why not grab a $4 latte while you're at it? Everybody — the cafe owners, the city of San Francisco, the pushers of the Always-On Internet High life — wins. (Photos by MGG)