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The new Ashton Kutcher-produced game show Opportunity Knocks is designed to quiz family members on just how much they know about each other, rewarding kin who can accurately answer the question, "How many vodka gimlets did Grandma down before NCIS came on tonight?" Kutcher's own family is a notoriously blended one, as his wife is Hollywood cougar queen Demi Moore, whose marriage with Bruce Willis bequeathed to Kutcher three daughters: Rumer, Scout, and...uh, the other one. In fact, it's that last, elusive Willis daughter who got Kutcher into trouble with the New York Times when he was quizzed about how well he knew his own family:

While Mr. Kutcher said he fared well, he proved, at least in an interview with a reporter, that he was capable of being stumped. Asked, for purposes of fact checking, to spell the name of Ms. Moore’s youngest daughter with Bruce Willis, Mr. Kutcher confessed he was suddenly drawing a blank. For the record, it is T-a-l-l-u-l-a-h.

Silly reporter: Kutcher is a former teen male model! Asking such a creature to spell is like asking him to do math or stop poisoning his friends with Hepatitis A. It can't be done, and it shouldn't; let the pretty man scrawl his birthday cards to "Demmy," "Roomer," and "Broos" in peace! [Photo Credit: AP]