Are you one of those horrible thoughtless New Yorkers who no one can stand to be around and yet you believe everyone else is the problem? Are you a woman? And single and looking for some free meals? Craigslist to the rescue again! It seems that the poster is fed up with his sister's mega-douche boyfriend and is seeking a female version of the obnoxious bounder so that his beloved sis can see for herself what it's like to have a sibling swallowed up by the black hole of a shit relationship. "Candidates should be painful to be around, obnoxious, thoughtless and immature. She should use terms like, 'tragic,' 'as if' and various internet terms like 'omg,' 'lol,' 'jk,' etc." Click through for more qualifications and a bigger pic.

Other sought after qualities: Has expensive tastes while being really cheap Makes totally inappropriately timed comments Always wants to go home early Acts really cold to my sister Gets extremely possessive and jealous Constantly touches me at inappropriate times in inappropriate ways Has a painfully obnoxious laugh or says "that's so funny" rather than laughing

Good lord, guy. Just walk out into the street and find the first girl reading New York Magazine! [Craigslist via DailyNuzzo]