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It's time to put aside worries about the economy, Iranian nuclear proliferation, and whether Countess Luann de Lesseps will get to keep her title after her divorce, because a national issue of (literally) epic proportions needs explaining: Why are DD-cup bras so much more popular than they used to be? Are boobs getting bigger? Is it the prevalence of implants, the obesity epidemic, hormones in the water supply? Or is it simply that Oprah told women to go get fitted for the right bra size already?

Yup, it's probably the latter.

The surprising rise of the DD can be traced back to a 2005 Oprah episode devoted to teaching women how to buy the correct size. Because apparently, achieving the perfect combo of rib cage measurement and cup capacity is a huge challenge, traditionally flubbed by the nation's females who tend to walk around in bras with band too loose, cup too squeezy.

But, Oprah will be disappointed to learn, even when women are told to buy a 32DD instead of a 34C, sometimes they resist! "Most women are in bra denial," confirms the owner of downtown lingerie store La Petite Coquette. "They think there is some mistake. That's why I never tell them what size I am putting them in. They don't want to believe it."

Now, why one earth would that be? It's not as if well-endowed women have a trashy image in our culture or anything. Still, it sounds like there's a gap in the market for a lingerie label that makes elegant, understated DD bras with B labels, for those snobs who don't want to wear the same size as Jessica Simpson. Gwyneth, this could be your next sideline!

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