Screeching red-faced millionaire everyman Bill O'Reilly howled for all of us to be dragged from our homes and locked in dungeons because Gawker published those infamous Sarah Palin emails after someone hacked her Yahoo! account. Well, it seems the hackers have fired a warning shot at O'Reilly via his website, which they hacked on Friday. They didn't do much of anything, aside from taking a screenshot of a list of new subscribers' names, passwords, and billing addresses, which they posted on WikiLinks. They sent us the same snapshot, but I'm not posting it. Not because it's illegal to publish material illegally obtained by a third party (It isn't; O'Reilly just says it is because his audience wants him to say that.) but because I'd have to blur out pretty much every word in the document to protect private citizens who are not seeking the office of Vice President of the United States. Wired has more on the story. [via MediaBistro]