PMc is here! (Pause for applause). That, of course, is the name of the new iPhone-only magazine founded by nightlife photographer and long-aspiring celebrity Patrick McMullan. For only 99 cents on iTunes, you can now have a piece of this revolutionary bit of media progress. And McMullan himself is absolutely sweating to bring the latest in celebrity ruffle-wearing to his (dozens of?) readers:

[McMullan] had just bagged a shot of Kelly Osbourne. "This is where a photographer is really a photographer," he said, wiping some sweat from his chin. "You don't have time to change the lighting. You have to get it, and then you edit." He zoomed in on a dress with white ruffles. "Now, that is beautiful!" he said. "We may do a piece on ruffles, for example, if I'm seeing a lot of them. It's a photo-driven magazine.

What else can you expect in PMc? "A tone poem about New York" (with special short, iPhone-appropriate sentences!) and relentless cropping of skeletal celebrities:

Merriam found his favorite shot: a picture, from the Marc Jacobs show, of Victoria Beckham's back. If you zoomed in, and held the phone close to your face, you could read words tattooed between her shoulder blades. "Awesome," he said. Farrell pointed to some bony parts of Beckham's back. "Can you crop it to get rid of that horrible skeletal shit? Because we're not Us Weekly. We don't want to scare people."

A sure springboard to the A-list. [New Yorker; pic via NYM]