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Bernie Madoff is behind bars, but other members of the family are growing concerned that they may be joining him in the near future. The Post reports today that two members of the disgraced clan, including Shana Madoff, Bernie's shoe-loving niece, have contacted a consultant who helps white-collar criminals learn how to survive in prison.

The two reached out to Larry Levine, a former federal prisoner and founder of a company called Wall Street Prison Consultants. Unfortunately, Levine's very classy website fails to mention if bulk discounts are available, which would come in handy considering Shana's father, Peter, is a possible candidate for indictment, too.

In other Madoff-related news, the pair of Bernie's Mets tickets for today's home opener at Citi Field fetched $7,500 on Ebay after a bidding war erupted in the final minutes of the auction. But while it may seem a little silly to spend that kind of money on tickets to a baseball game, at least it's going to a good cause. The auction was conducted by Irving Picard, the Madoff trustee responsible for unwinding Madoff's affairs, and the funds will be redistributed to victims of the scheme.