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Adding one more scandal to Wal-Mart's long list of corporate infractions, a federal criminal investigation is underway after photos of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her daughter, Maddie, have leaked. Jamie Lynn's boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, apparently dropped off his camera card at a Louisiana outpost of the store, where an employee may have made extra copies of an image in which Jamie Lynn's underaged left breast is exposed. The employee is now peddling off that picture, as well as others, including one of her in a negligee. Wasilla Wal-mart workers, take note. In other Spears family body news, Britney's weight fluctuates yet again:We know we're not the only ones who heard the"I'm Mrs. 'She's Too Big, Now She's Too Thin'" lyric in Britney's song Piece of Me and wondered: 'in the age of idealized anorexia, who ever thought Britney was too thin?' Now we have our culprit: the Daily Mail said BritBrit looked "unbelievably svelte" while grabbing her nightly frappucino this weekend before catching My Best Friend's Girl, in which her vagina starred as the left side of Dane Cook's face. [Photo Credits: X17, Getty Images]