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Oh, celebrities - even though US Weekly says They're Just Like Us!, they often seem to inhabit stratospheric heights. Take Oprah Winfrey, for example. She founded that school in South Africa. Her Angel Network raised money for Katrina relief efforts. And who can forget Oprah's Favorite Things!, when she nearly sends hordes of teachers in her audiences into cardiac arrest by giving them free cars and red velvet cupcakes. Well, apparently Opes is just as greedy as the rest of us.Over the weekend, Oprah hit up an Emmy swag suite and - gasp! - actually took something home with her. A purple-grey Lesportsac limited edition bowling style bag designed by Stella McCartney. Really, Oprah? We would've gone for one of these cool hats, like Neal Patrick Harris did. Lookin' good, Doogie. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]