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Is there a single major law firm in America accepting new recruits in 2009? Doesn't look like it! Earlier this week, the Times covered the story of a sixth-year associate at Skadden, Arps who was offered $80,000 to take a year off. (She's hoping to spend her time off "teaching English to monks in Sri Lanka" and helping to "bring solar power to remote parts of the Himalayas.") Even more common are the firms informing new associates that they're pushing back start dates by a few months. Or years.

Above the Law hasa comprehensive roundup of the creative scheduling now taking place in law-land. Weil Gotchal, for example, is offering a $75,000 stipend to new associates willing to wait until January of 2011 to begin working. Yes, 2011.

Next thing you know, they'll be asking them to re-take the Bar to insure a year and half of reality TV and Nintendo hasn't completely rotted their brains.

Nationwide Start Date Round-Up [Above the Law]