• More bad news for the magazine biz: Ad pages fell 26 percent during the first quarter, although you probably guessed that when you used last month's issue of any number of Condé Nast magazines to floss your teeth. [NYT]
Steve Brill plans to save journalism! Or die trying, at least. [NYT]
• Sam Zell now says his acquisition of the parent company of the Chicago Tribune in 2007 was "a mistake." And a rather expensive one at that. [CT]
• Is NBC's long ratings slump over? Jeff Zucker sure is hoping so! [LAT]
20/20's Bob Brown has been dismissed after 30 years at the network. Insult to injury: He was told he could freelance for the network if he wants. [P6]

New York editor Adam Moss talks about the mag's new look. [NYO]
• The Boston Globe is eliminating bonuses for top management. [BG]
• More on the pay cuts and extended hours at Hachette. [NYP]
• Cody Willard has a "rock-star mane," and his BFF is Neil Patrick Harris. [LAT]
• Yahoo's new CEO is planning a big, new round of layoffs. [NYT]
• The Obama dog story? TMZ gets the credit for breaking that one. [Time]