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· Sarah Jessica Parker's long-refrigerated, "racially charged" drama Spinning Into Butter has finally found theatrical distribution after a nearly three-year wait, thus unleashing the imaginations of critics everywhere who will smirkingly suggest lower-calorie alternatives for their own sake. [THR] · Lexus TV will soon debut online with an original series starring Lisa Kudrow as a "nutty shrink." Matt LeBlanc will co-star as a luxury SUV bequeathed from a husband to his wife one snowy, magical Christmas morning. [THR] After the jump: Uni courts the 'Works, Keira does Zelda, and the NFL sacks the Emmys.· Universal and Disney are reportedly the last studios standing in the DreamWorks distribution sweepstakes — if that's what you call a pitiful 8% distribution fee. Even the friggin' tooth fairy pays better than 8%. [THR] · Contrary to rumors circulating Hollywood this morning, Kim Kardashian's accident-scene etiquette will not be the basis for the planned remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic Rashomon [Variety] · Keira Knightley will bravely roll the dice in a period film for a change, attaching herself to play the stroppy Zelda Fitzgerald in Nick Cassavetes's adaptation of The Beautiful and the Damned. [THR] · The Emmy hangover continues: Sunday night's NFL matchup outrated the Emmycast by more than 8 million viewers. Perhaps Al Michaels and John Madden can host next year. [Variety]