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Mayor Bloomberg got a tad annoyed at this morning's press conference announcing plans to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. It seems a reporter's tape recorder (or phone) went off just as Bloomberg was about to begin speaking, and he wasn't too happy about the interruption.

The reporter, it turns out, was Michael Harris, a disabled blogger who uses a wheelchair and who had some difficulty getting to the device so he could turn it off, which is why the episode managed to bring the press conference to a halt for a couple of minutes. Azi Paybarah has the video, which you can view below, and while it isn't the hissy fit we've always wanted to see from Bloomberg, he does get a bit more riled up at the 1:50 mark when he calls these sorts of assaults on decorum "the most serious issue, I think, from a social point of view, facing the state at the moment." Nice to see he's keeping things in perspective!

Harris has since asked Bloomberg to apologize for picking on him; he also says he's willing to say he's sorry first, but only if the mayor will reciprocate with an apology of his own. Boys will be boys.

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