French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his beautiful, mesmerizing wife Carla Bruni are in New York City today, taking in the local culture and meeting with various heads of state. Also in town, Alaskan governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin! You know, little Sarah Heath from Wasilla! The Observer wonders if they'll cross paths at all, envisioning a potential dinner full of awkwardness and, eventually, shouting. We're gonna use our drama degree for once and take it one step further. After the jump, find an imagined (because reporters aren't actually allowed to these meetings) scene from the dinner. [NICOLAS, CARLA, SARAH, and her husband TODD are seated in a secluded corner of a fancy midtown Manhattan restaurant. A long pause.] SARAH: Well this sure is fancy. CARLA: Oh, yes. It is very lovely no? SARAH: I tell ya, I haven't had a decent meal since Todd'n me got a Rodeo burger at the Minneapolis airport. Ever had one'a those? Rodeo Burgers? CARLA: Ahh.. I— SARAH: From Burger King? CARLA: Oh, yes, yes. Of course. Burger King. No, I've not had the, uh, Rodeo hamburger. TODD: Helluva sandwich. Helluva sandwich. NICOLAS: Ms. Palin, your husband tells m— SARAH: Oh for pete's sake, call me Sarah. NICOLAS: Oui, of course. Sarah. Your husband tells me you do some hunting? SARAH: Sure do. Oh yeah. Yup. NICOLAS: Pheasant? Foxes? SARAH: No, no. Mostly the bigger stuff. Moose'n such. CARLA: Moose is... an elk or something, yes? SARAH: Sorta like that only bigger'n slower and stuff. TODD: Helluva kill, the moose. Helluva kill. SARAH: Do you hunt Carly? CARLA: Uh, no. No hunting for me. I play music? The guitar? SARAH: Oh my goodness. Todd, I told you she was arty. You look arty, Carly. Whaddaya play? Do you know any Jim Croce? CARLA: I play, uh, my original songs. SARAH: Holy Nome, you write your own stuff, eh? NICOLAS: She writes beautifully. SARAH: Well that... That's just great. [A long pause. Clinking of utensils.] SARAH: I hear Paris is a lovely country. I've always wanted to go to Euro Disney. When I was a little girl I used to look at maps? Lotsa maps. And you could see Idaho, and New Mexico, and New Hampshire, and the Carolinas. All that. None of 'em ever had France on 'em, though. Nope. Never been there. Hear it's real nice. Little [does shaky hand motion] for my taste, but real nice. When all this is over, Todd and I were thinkin' about going down to Myrtle Beach. You two ever been there? NICOLAS: Ah, no. No. We were recently in Sardinia, though. SARAH: Where they get the little fish! NICOLAS: Uh, yes. Yes. I suppose so. SARAH: How about that. Huh, Todd? How about that Todd? TODD: Helluva thing. Helluva thing. SARAH: Say, do you two have any kids? CARLA: Yes, but not together. None together. SARAH: Oh, well that's too bad. You'd better get workin'! Would you like to see mine? CARLA: Yes, of course. SARAH: Terrific. They're in my purse here somewhere. CARLA: Photographs? SARAH: No, no. The actual kids. Hold on here a sec... [She bends down and begins rooting around in her purse. Scene.] Palin chats with Henry Kissinger over at Daily Intel!