The financial system is having one of its occasional bouts of uncertainty and depression but, hey, cheer up American economy, because fameball Julia Allison is too! In her on-again, off-again, oh-God-just-make-up-your-mind-already relationship with her own self promotion, Allison seems to be swinging toward another period of doubt and introspection. Perhaps you don't care because you're worried about starving in the street or whatever. But there's an honest-to-God company built on Allison's whims now, and according to her business partner Megan Asha there's now a "mini-meltdown" going on over whether the venture launched too soon. Imagine the horrifying revaluations that could ripple through the subprime protocelebrity markets as a result!

The whole thing started with a "tough-love" conversation between Allison and her high school boyfriend Dan, which included observations like the following:

You’re running a business that’s based on selling you as a product. But you’re not a product, you’re a person...

I feel like the Julia that’s on your blog, of all the faces of you, this is the worst. And I’ve seen you at your worst. I feel like this is the result of you being overexposed and burned out by having been slammed so hard. But it’s also a product of your social environment, which I have to say, I find absolutely appalling.”

...At the scariest moments in your life, you’re going to be alone. And then you’re going to have to ask yourself, am I really a success? Am I proud of myself? There’s so much more to that than whether your business succeeds, than whether you’re rich or not. It’s about being a good friend, a good parent, a good family member.”

We know all this, by the way, because while Dan was telling Julia about how dangerous it is to securitize her life on an oversharey blog, Allison raced to grab a pen and write everything down so she could publish the phone conversation on her oversharey blog.

Which is just the sort of predictable commitment to shareholder value (and distraction) this economy needs right now! Don't ever change, Julia. (No seriously, we'll downgrade your overshares or something.)

(Pictured: Allison cozying up to that other self-inflated personal media brand, Martha Stewart, via Mary Rambin.)

[Julia Allison, Megan Asha]