The "I Hate The New Facebook" group is up to 1.4 million members. Facebook plans to make its redesign permanent next week anyway. That rebuff won't hamper Facebook's popularity, or discourage the creation of new groups motivated by the urge to whine. Starting a group on Facebook is the millennial generation's preferred act of protest, but not because the students who create them hope to change anything. They are popular because, since preschool, my fellow millennials and I — very special snowflakes, all of us — have been told that it's not if you win or lose, or even how you play the game. It's that you participate.We millennials know there are two things we can do about weighty problems like the Sudan, Iraq and HIV/AIDS: Start a Facebook group, or mock those who do. I'm not about to start a Facebook group. Forthwith, a list of Facebook groups that never achieved their creator's ambitions to become "one million strong" — though I'm sure coach will give them a plastic trophy at the end of the season anyway.