Hubert Chang, not Al Gore, invented the Internet When NYU Ph.D. student Hubert (Hung-Hsien) Chang wasn't busy inventing Google or visiting Disneyland and signing up for Google-related groups on Facebook , he was coming up with lots of crazy ideas. Cross-platform programming language Java? Chang. Open-source office productivity software OpenOffice? Chang. The semantic Web? DHTML? Tim Berners-Lee Chang. All this and more he tossed away to finish his Ph.D. at NYU, which he finally accomplished in late 2002, as he explained in the video. Or 2003, as he explained on his archived homepage , below.Hubert Chang, not Al Gore, invented the Internet Look, I get it, working on a dissertation can make you go crazy. That said, armed with his advanced degree, Chang should at least be able to get a job at Google answering customer-support calls or keeping an eye on toddlers at the Kinderplex.