With the low weight of its lead actresses firmly on everyone's mind, you'd think producers of the new 90210 would be a little more vigilant when it comes to eating scenes on their show, placing a thick, juicy hamburger in the hands of Shenae Grimes and allowing Jessica Stroup to update Silver's blog with a basket of hot wings alongside her laptop. Last night's episode, however, only added more fuel to the ravenous fire. When the much-scrutinized actresses sat down to lunch in the school cafeteria, neither ate a single thing on their plates (the only food consumed was a measly two fries by interloper Naomi). Then, with her meal still visibly untouched, Stroup's character rose up at the end of lunch to throw her tray away. At least take your leftover salad to the women's shelter, Silver! Gosh, do we have to write all the plotlines around here? [The CW]