Normally when hot chicks stop being attracted to an 82-year-old man, it’s not newsworthy—like reporting on the fact that Clay Aiken is gay. But when that man happens to be Hugh Hefner, it’s time to investigate. Yesterday we told you that Criss Angel was dating Holly Madison, Hef’s number one Girl Next Door. And today, the New York Post is reporting that Kendra Wilkinson has been hooking up with football player Hank Baskett. Only Bridget Marquardt has remained loyal to Hef. Well, as loyal as one can be while being married to some guy from Ohio!?! Great Caesar's ghost, what in the name of Barbi Benton's breasts is going on at the Playboy Mansion these days?Is it possible that Hef is losing his mojo? That women find his wrinkly skin and thinning hair unattractive? That they enjoy the company of a man who doesn’t always feel the need to wear a smoking jacket? Surely these girls aren’t just pretending to like Hef as a publicity stunt while they build up their careers with reality shows and magazine appearances. That would be unconscionable. It’s a sad day in Holmby Hills when a man can’t find true love and happiness with three blond women less than half his age. But does that mean its time for Hef to stop having sex and start drinking prune juice and watching Matlock? Nah. There’s probably an 18-year-old fresh off the bus from Iowa swimming in the Grotto right now. And as long as Hef has Viagra coursing through his veins, he will make her his new girl next door. [Photo Credit: Getty Images]