Bruce Willis to Put Shyamalan Lessons To Use in Directorial Debut · Returning to his Blind Date /Hudson Hawk roots as a sensitive, almost Bergmanesque observer of angst and insecurity, Bruce Willis will make his directorial debut and star in the "indie psychological drama" Three Stories About Joan . And if you still harbor doubt about the film's chamber-drama cred, 10,000 B.C. star Camilla Belle is attached to star. [Variety ] · Lifetime outbid six other networks for the rerun rights to How I Met Your Mother , which execs are reportedly considering spinning off with the Lifetime original series How I Survived Your Father Knocking Me Up at 15 . [THR ] After the jump : Ben Affleck loses his job, Billy Crystal reclaims his own, and the world contemplates another Star Wars movie.· Ben Affleck is in talks to star as a downsized corporate hack in Company Men , which we're told calls for a second male lead as well. Matt Damon casting bets are currently paying 2:3. [THR ] · After a six-year hiatus, Billy Crystal will return to the big screen opposite Dwayne Johnson in Tooth Fairy . [Variety ] · On the heels of Capote the Hutt, would George Lucas dare to adapt the new Star Wars video game as an animated feature? On second thought, please don't answer that. [Hero Complex ] · CBS and ABC were up, Heroes was down on the fall TV season's opening night. [Variety] · Sony is keeping the plot for its newly optioned feature White Dad "under wraps." Meanwhile, the aggressively quick thinkers at Lifetime are angling for a Latino Babysitter MOW sequel as we speak. [THR ]