Time Out New York actually scored an interview with Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former Governor of New York. Remember him? Slept with a hooker? Yeah. Then he disappeared forever and ever, except as a punchline. But he's apparently happy to answer the TONY questionnaire for their "New York 40" issue, because none of the questions are about hookers. (They tried to ask him some vague questions about, you know, not being the governor anymore, but he declined to answer them.) The portrait of post-gubernatorial Eliot Spitzer is a kind of sad one.

Complete the sentence: New York is… Eliot Spitzer: …the place where no dream is too big to come true. If you could have a drink with another Top 40 person, who would it be? Eliot Spitzer: These days I prefer hanging out with my kids-having dinner and encouraging them to do their homework and put aside Facebook for awhile.

Poor sad Eliot Spitzer. And also ha ha way to betray our trust in you asshole, at least it landed us this awesome new blind governor.