Say what you will about Hubert "Third Google Founder" Chang, at least he dropped some links to the old homepages of Sergey Brin and Larry Page back when the pair were teaching Computer Science 349 at Stanford, "Data Mining, Search, and the World Wide Web." What's there?On Larry's page, dug up through the Internet Archive, he declared "I attribute a great deal of my understanding and ability with mechanical devices to Legos and similar construction toys." Brin's page has a laughable GIF animation, but the real humor is that he apparently worked on an early copyright-infringement detection system called COPS with Stanford professor Hector Garcia-Molina. Brin even posted his resume from 1994, and a quick peek into the source code reveals a telling tidbit — hidden in a HTML comment, Brin states as his employment objective: "A large office, good pay, and very little work. Frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands would be a plus." Looks like his dream came true.